Furnished Rentals at Coyote Landing Condos in Mesa

Hello everyone,

Today after I arrived at the office, I had an owner come up to me and ask if I knew of someone that was interested in renting his condo out for a year lease, unfurnished.  I told him no, but I had an even better idea for him. Furnish your condo for about $10-15k and then we can help rent it out for the winter.  Who does not want to come to the sun in the cold winter months?  The rent amounts here at Coyote Landing Condos can be from $1500-2600 for a furnished condo all winter.  People are desperate to come here and be in the sun.  Where as a full time unfurnished rental would rent between $800-1100 per month all year.  Another great perk about seasonal rentals is less wear and tear on your place and belongings.  If you would like to use your condo you can come when you are not renting it out and making money.   Just a tid bit of information for anyone renting a winter home in Arizona.


About inteamrealty

Realtor/Owner of Inteam Realty in Mesa, AZ. Love to work with winter visitors to find their dream vacation home. Working on location currently of brand new condos in Mesa, AZ.

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